Global Experience

Our parent company CPECC operates in over 50 countries, with 23,000 colleagues and varied projects in the oil and gas field since 1954. Providing first class facilities to support the world’s petroleum markets.


End-to-End Services

Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to deliver expert end-to-end services. We deliver in all phases of oil and gas projects, considering life-cycle risks, costs and changed focus of project requirements.  We are able to identify client’s best interest and realise their maximised project life-cycle value.


Customised Services

Our extensive global experience and access to a variety of resources and skilled colleagues enables our Australian based team at CPEC (AUS) to provide clients with a customised service in all stages of project delivery, providing the most cost effective and quality outcomes.


Price Competitive

With a global based team, we can source the most cost effective, quality assured resources while effectively managing the delivery process to meet project targets. Ensuring our clients can maximise their profit margins while delivering a quality outcome.



We consider innovation to be the force of our development, and bring our expertise and resources to deliver innovation into industry projects.