The business segment of Engineering Manufacture consists of two factories of metal structures in Luoyang and Qingdao, and mainly manufactures non-standard petrochemical equipment, large oil and gas tanks, heavy steel structures, skid-mounted equipment for oil and gas fields as well as offshore oil and gas development equipment. It has the manufacturing permits for A1, A2 and A3 pressure vessels as well as the pressure-vessel manufacturing permits issued by American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME); has factory buildings of xx square meters; has complete equipment for manufacturing large vessels, such as the 2200-ton oil hydraulic press, the 140-mm numerical-control 3-roller hydraulic plate roller, the numerical-control dual-linkage bender, the narrow-gap welder, the slag-reducing welder, the overlaying welder, the numerical-control cutting machine and the large automatic annealing oven; has various equipment for nondestructive testing and physical & chemical testing; and has the capability to process and manufacture over 150 thousand tons of products in total a year. In recent years.

  • Photos of the factory buildings for manufacturing metal structures
    Photos of the factory buildings for manufacturing metal structures
  • 22000kN oil hydraulic press
    22000kN oil hydraulic press
  • 2WE67D-600T numerical-control dual-linkage bender
    2WE67D-600T numerical-control dual-linkage bender
  • 22m×5m×5.5m thermal treatment furnace
    22m×5m×5.5m thermal treatment furnace
  • 	W11S-100*3200 plate rolling machine
    W11S-100*3200 plate rolling machine
  • BBJ-12 edge planer
    BBJ-12 edge planer