Our Vision

Company Vision
To become a first-rate petroleum engineering company in the world and customers’ favorite service provider

Company Missions
To provide quality, safe and environment-friendly services and products for users through advanced technology, efficient management and unique culture and to increase investment value of users’ projects

Operation Philosophy
Good faith, innovation, service, harmony and safety

Good Faith:
CPECC considers good faith to be the basis of its survival and development and the origin of its reputation.

It deems good faith to be the basic moral principle of business and vocation, and implements the principle in various aspects of the company’s business activities and employees’ vocational conduct.

The company adheres to operating and paying taxes in accordance with law, seriously performs contracts and keeps promises to other parties to project the image of an honest, reliable, serious and responsible company.

CPECC considers innovation to be a force for the company’s development and a source of permanent vitality. It keeps pace with the times, expands and innovates, continuously enhancing its capabilities to innovate and develop.

The company works hard to implement its strategies for innovating technology and management, and exerts itself to enhance technical core competence and project management level.

It strives to build a learning company, and deems learning as an important way to increase the company’s value and the employees’ value.

CPECC depends on users for survival. It focuses on users and wholeheartedly provides quality services to users.

According to users’ different need, the company uses its advantageous resources and forces to provide customized optimal solutions for the construction of users' projects and maximize users’ investment value.

It continuously improves its capability to provide services and the service level and improves users’ satisfaction.

CPECC considers harmony to be a guarantee of the company’s development, and works hard to create a harmony environment for development inside and outside the company.

It pays close attention to the interests of customers and partners, handles the relationships between all stakeholders properly, and works hard to achieve win-win results.

It strives to create internationalized corporate culture and harmonious, inclusive, cooperative and enjoyable diversified culture and working environment.

CPECC adheres to the HSE policy of being people-oriented, putting prevention first, involving all personnel and making continuous improvement, and strives to achieve the objective of no injuries, no pollution and no accidents.

It continuously improves process conditions and environment, constantly enhances its capability to prevent risks and works hard to eliminate various threats of accident to achieve intrinsic safety.

The company greatly emphasizes health and environmental protection, cares about employees’ health, protects the environment, and strives to achieve the harmony of human and nature and the harmony of projects and environment.